Drupal 7 Is Here!

Drupal 7 is here!

Well it's been almost 3 years since the last major version release of the Drupal CMS (more of a framework really...). There have been many enhancements, not only to the UI but also for developers utilizing Drupal's API.

UI Enhancements

Of the many upgrades to the UI, the modules page is probably my favorite. Now whenever you enable a module, you can configure it and set the appropriate permissions with a link right from the module page.

This simplifies the process from D6 in which the user had to go looking for the settings page (which menu did the developer add the link to) and then a separate journey for the user permissions. With these two links right from the modules page, it makes for a much smoother workflow. AND many of the permissions links drop you right in the relevant permissions section with an anchored link! No more searching through a matrix of permissions to see where the new ones were added.

API Awesomeness

Another major win for the D7 version are the new hooks. Several of the D6 and even D5 hooks took an $op parameter. The $op parameter was simply a string passed that stated what action was being performed. As one could imagine, this made for some rather long functions, especially for hook_nodeapi with its 15 possible values for $op.

In D7, these $op parameters have essentially been ported over to their own hook functions. This means developers have to write less code, which translates to less overhead. A win-win in anyone's book!

There are far too many enhancements to Drupal to cover in one post, so I will periodically be adding updates as I come across them in my own coding.

Drupal 7 Is Here! | Gerrit Brands

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